I'm so glad. Have a better night!
by Anonymous

thank you friend!!!!!! i hope something wonderful happens to u!!

Hey hey listen i'm sorry you're sad and i hope you feel better soon lemme know if there's anything this anon can do ms mcgowan
by Anonymous

there’s nothing more you can do. you called me ms mcgowan. i’m never going to be sad again. i’m fucking FLOATING right now. bless you.

ipod just went flat n i cant be bothered getting up to charge it but ya lets be the dark circle sisters we can sing about kicking misogynistic staight boys in the shins and wear only long flowin black dresses :--)
by tummybub

i’m publishing this so we don’t have an excuse for this not to happen. this is srs such a great idea?? we;re the best?

sage and i have taken so many screenshots of each other’s snapchats tho……just wanted to let you know

i;m really fkn sad GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!