Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can’t reply, I just have to read it and post it.

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*develops new crush* *looks up star sign compatibility instead of actually talking to them*

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omg please watch this it’s important


mum and i recreate this scene with each other at least three times a week i’m so happy

mum reading my lesbian short story sayin ‘ooh that’s interesting that you’ve decided to write from a male perspective. very nice.’ i’m sitting here like ‘yes mother this story is 100% Hetero. thank’

on a scale of 1 to gastronomical how gassy are you
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GAStronomical i like what you did there. i’d say like a four. nothing serious, but it’s kind of disturbing my dog

I feel like there probably is some rule, there is for ncea any ways. I would love to read your story, I reckon there is a lack of soppy lesbian short stories around. I could be biased because I am a lesbian. Who knows. I hope you have a lovely night, and you finish your story to a standard that you are happy with
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!!!! friend this is so nice thank you!!! i also feel like there’s a lack of soppy lesbian short stories which is why i wanted to write one. when i can post it i will and hopefully people will like it and not roll their eyes so hard that they solidify or smth…

can you please post the story when you're done?
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i might post it after i’ve done the sac friend!! i feel like there’s some kind of rule or guideline about posting sac material online??? trust me when i say it’s not very good, either. like it’s truly just sad lesbianism written in a style that isn’t at all mine because i have to imitate the author’s voice or whatever. smh i’m grump.