*does something incredibly stupid or embarrassing* well, one day we’ll all be fucking dead. Everybody dead. We’ll all die. Fucking dead. Everyone. Fucking everyone gone. No more bad times.

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to…mo….rrow is my….last….day….o.f….scho…ool…ev.




White folks on tumblr be like, “Please be kind to moths. They are doing their best and deserve respect and kindness. Never step on a flower because they are sensitive and have feelings. Also, why can’t I say the n word?”

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David Hockney - The Red Chair, April 1986


David Hockney - The Red Chair, April 1986

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actually if i have a son i’ll probably name him after myself as well i’m pretty great


i wonder if magic is real, but only in a really mundane way.

when i was little i could almost inerringly switch back to disney channel right as the ads ended when i was channel surfing.

maybe youve never accidentally crushed a ladybug underfoot. maybe your microwave popcorn never burns. maybe you can spin around lots and lots of times before you get dizzy.

is that magic??

honestly im not sure if these are magic or just small, invisible skills. im not sure which i like better.

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if i have a daughter i’ll probably name her after myself


Aidan Koch


Aidan Koch

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